Trivia Cruisin’: Racing, Road Tripping, and Rock & Roll

Congratulations, Pull-start Diesel on another top 10 finish! 8th place is awesome!

It was another 50-hours of endless entertainment. We shared highs and lows, successes and failures, lots of laughter and some tears (of laughter). Thanks to everyone who joined us in person and online. Hopefully more of us can share more memories live and in person Feb. 17-19, 2017. Just ask Ben and Danielle about the dangers of leaving your team during the final hours. You don’t want that bad car-ma! Next year, no lame excuses like your dog has a hurt leg, Jerry. But enough with the bad puns (those jokes were a lot funnier last night after the award ceremony and before a good night’s sleep) and down with germs! Right, Alex and Bob? I am thankful for everyone who was online and shooting us answers, especially during those late nights when our brains are running low on creative juices.

Thanks to everyone who fed the pig! After all is said and done, we had enough to cover the $50 registration fee and make a donation to KVSC for $44.44 (thanks to William’s donation of one cent :))

Here’s the final points shake-down. So many questions take a whole team’s worth of work. Jodi pulled away in the final hours with those 250 pointers! We know you had help, but we’ll give you all the credit. Those were tough ones and took a lot of tenacity. Great work TEAM!!!

Credit Points
Team 3295
Jodi 835
barry 785
Mike S 670
Cheez 670
ryce 585
Scharf 455
Danielle 445
Murphy 425
Joe 410
Tom K 390
Aubree 340
Ray 335
Jake 325
adam 295
Alex B 200
Jennie 190
Ben 180
Jon S 190
turn-N-burn 180
Sara 175
Brian H 170
Darren 155
Tommy 120
Jerry 110
Paul S 110
John M 100
mikalen 80
rodkimble15 60
Burrow 55
Josh H 50
Bob 50
Debbie 40
Dylan 25
Scott 20
lbrady 10

Top 10 teams:
Rank Team Name Total Score
1 It Just Doesn't Matter 14,590
2 Stefan's Dream XVII: Stefan's Pole Position 14,540
3 Meyer Meyer a Decade on Fire 14,440
4 Sigma Phi Nothing 14,410
5 Learned Pigs & Fireproof Women 13,405
6 Voodoo Panties 12,865
7 House of Insanity 12,770
8 Pullstart Diesel 12,615
9 Mongo's Loosemeat Sandwich Assembly RQD 12,545
10 Neo-Maxi Zoomdweebies 11,965