Frequently Asked Questions

How can I play Trivia?

- Come to trivia headquarters anytime during the weekend. You can phone in answers, use the internet, hunt through books, or just use you brain while enjoying the atmosphere of trivia.

- Listen to 88.1 FM KVSC all weekend long and call us with your answers or use any online Instant Messenger to send your answers to username: PullStartDiesel.

- Listen online through the KVSC website and IM PullStartDiesel on your Instant Messenger.

- Give us your phone number(s) and let us call you at any time of the day or night to ask you questions or ask you to look up answers.

What can I bring to Trivia?

- Yourself, your mind, and your phone numbers. We would love to be able to call your friends and your family members at all hours of the day to pick their brains. You may want to warn them that you are playing trivia all weekend. Because if they ask a question at 4:00 am about a company your dad worked for, then he won’t be as mad when you wake him.

- Food and drink. People are snacking at all hours so healthy snacks are great (brain food). Caffeine tends to be the most popular beverage during all 50 hours. We also try to do several meals during the weekend so if you would like to contribute a main dish or side dish, give one of the captains a call. But as a rule, whatever sounds good to you will probably get eaten!

- Books, etc! Visit your local library. Anything related to this year's theme would be especially great. Other information sources can also be useful (brochures from events and locations, CDs, DVDs) Anything can be the subject of a question.

- Your cell phone. We always need a few more phone lines.

- A blanket and pillow and toothbrush. Come prepared to get hooked!


Top three teams get some gift certificates and a trophy, but we’re just in it for the fun! In chronological order, we’ve finished 26th out of 58 teams, 18th of 69, 11th of 69, 16th of 75, 14th of 75, 6th of 72, 4th of 72, 1st of 80, 1st of 78, 4th of 76, 3rd of 67, 4th of 71, 5th of 67, and 2nd of 62. Our reward is the satisfaction of improving our game and the great time we have with fun people!

Can I start now?

- Take a look at the visual trivia and let us know ANYTHING you know about the pictures to help us research them.

- Start raiding your local, campus, or friend’s home library for materials to bring. Label them with a post-it note and get them to headquarters as soon as possible.

- If you would like to get team updates between now and February, make sure this e-mail address is current. Send updates to or use our feedback form.

How do I get to Trivia Headquarters?

Send an email to to get directions.