Game of Trivia

Hey team, I just had to take a minute to say how awesome we are, in case you forgot. Big kudos to everyone who played this year. Holy crap, we did awesome! If you were at the awards ceremony (all three of us), standing up in the top 10 was pretty amazing. 7th place when everyone is so busy with jobs, raising families and so many other commitments, is nothing to sneeze at. Keep those engines revving and we'll see you next year!

Total points: 12435

Team stats (unedited data, probably some points were misappropriated and should have been changed to team).

Credit Points
Team 1545
Alex B 1115
Tom K 840
Murphy 780
Cheez 675
Scharf 625
Mike S 555
Deb 540
barry 505
Jake 470
Scott Poster 460
Ray 390
Sara 385
Aubree 315
Jennie 295
Adam 270
Robert 270
Joe 250
Danielle 230
Jodi 205
Yet Another Adam 170
ryce 155
darren 150
Jeff 150
Joe S 115
Paul S 110
Bob 100
Tonya 70
Jerry 65
Dylan 65
John M 65
Adam M 60
turn-N-burn 60
rodkimble15 45
Ben 40
Scott P 25