2012 - 33 1/3: Trivia Long Play

Memorable Moments:
* “Jerry pulled My Ding-a-Ling” -Aaron Murphy
* WWII posters by Tommy
* Eliana and Jennie’s dress-up
* “My gangledopper?” - Darren
* People running around doing grown-up things like moving bath tubs, working at flower shops, and taking kids to piano during trivia. Priorities...
* I can’t remember the question, but it had something to do with a “cup-board.”
* The reading of H36, Q8. I hate to put it on the interweb because it would make a great trivia question in the future. For 100 points, what was the question that Jim Grey could not complete asking and why did he have to hand off the mic? - [note from Jerry: H36, Q8 was a question about VT#21, worth a listen if Darren hasn’t deleted the question recordings yet. Jim Grey’s botched reading was for a question on VT#15, you’ll have to look that up in the question report if you still have access to it]
* Sara’s PSD cake decoration
* WWII poster shirts
* Smoothie hour, Pigs in a Blanket hour, Jello hour, Malt hour, Mystery Muffin hour, Burrito hour
* Computer tragedies: Jodi spilled water on her laptop, Aaron’s laptop died, Sara spilled water on her laptop, hopefully they were all resuscitated
* Watching Twitter trends after Whitney Houston’s death was announced
* Murphy’s amazing work on the phones to get us at least 3 questions’ points as the answer was being given on the radio. I didn’t even know we could do that anymore!

Biggest question by one person: 250 points thanks to Jennie who knows how to work her magic with the phone bank
Biggest Question by TEAM effort: 250 points audio trivia
Best DVD collection: Joe Lanz
Best remote player: Tom Kain (he gets extra points for time difference)
Best phoner: Deb - while new to the job, she quickly settled in to juggling answers
Best on the dispute line: Tommy - from 10 pointers to 250 pointers, Tommy knows how to convince the dispute line that those points are rightfully ours
Worst phone bank workers: Who was the one that screwed us out of points MULTIPLE times? That guy sucks.
Best phone bank workers: Mama Bear - who gave Jennie 250 points.
Worst question: 250-pointer about the audio we didn’t record. Unfair.
Longest distance traveled to come to trivia: Ben & Danielle? 400+ miles!
Best new PSD item: Tie between Tommy’s posters & Joe’s 3D model of our logo

Marty for pizzas
That guy who bought the album cover book for us (even if we didn’t use it, it was very thoughtful)

Stats (No doubt these stats are imperfect as they were never cleaned up after trivia weekend and the data entry application was still fairly new to us. But for what it's worth, here are the stats:
Team 3950
Tommy 1450
Alex B 1235
Cheez 785
Ben 735
Scott P 710
Joe 510
Murphy 465
Jennie 455
Jerry 420
Tom K 410
Jodi 390
Mike S 350
Dylan 345
Barry 295
Adam 290
Joe S 260
Jon S 255
Jake 255
Burrow 195
Sara 190
Danielle 165
Deb 155
Bob 150
Paul S 125
Ryce 100
Adam M 80
Josh H 70
Jonny 60
Krisie 60
Chris 50
Ray 50
Michelle 45
Little Josh 30
John M 25
Dan 20
Nate 20
Darren 10