2007 - Trivia: Around the World in 50 Hours

"And in first place, Pull-start Diesel." -KARE 11 Video
Sunday, February 18th 2007

Memorable Moments
Saturday, February 17th 2007
Danielle on...
Barely Making It Home from Trivia: It started to snow in Milwaukee Monday night (lake effect) and Ben and I were exhausted and didn't get home until 11:30.

The Most Memorable Question: The 500-pointer. It was a really neat question, and I'm not terribly upset that we didn't get it (since we DID win after all), but I thought it was creative and fun to try to get.

Sleep: I think I had about 10 hours. Right in the middle. I remember calling in answers because no one else wanted to, but I couldn't stand anymore and I was in a total daze between calling. That's what it's all about!

The Question We Should've Had: Tie between the 1st question of the 2nd half of audio speed hour where they needed names of like 5 bands, but only gave 3 minutes to answer... AND... the one where I said 3 artists, the answer was 2 of the 3 I said, and the guy on the phone was no help. It's a SPEED round for Pete's sake; help a girl out!

Challenge: I, of course, enjoyed dressing up in a bridesmaid's gown I couldn't zip up. I also thought our challenge to the question writers to stop ending questions with prepositions was clever and witty!

Fun Moments: I thought having the gigantic official poster was pretty cool and now enjoy having a photo of the CHAMPIONS in front of it! As usual, I loved playing with our team's younger members and thought it was funny when Michael recognized the theme song from Dora.

Josh H on...
People We Called: Adam calling Honeybee Books and being mistaken for a physician (“You sound just like my doctor.”) and me calling my 9 year-old niece on Saturday morning and having her play Cheetah girls songs to me and getting her to read the liner notes. Also, the 1 AM Central call to Jim Bowquist's mother in California who told me not to call her son, but then made the mistake of letting me know he lived in Kansas.

Questions We Should’ve Had: The big question. We were only three away, and I used to watch James Bond Jr.

Ben B on...
Questions We Should've Had: The Da Vinci Code question, and the Big Duck question about the cars in Japan.

Funny challenges: Murphy challenging the Red Carpet to "Win the party"

Most Memorable Moment: Walking up on stage and shaking peoples hands on the way up, also Tommy's speech.

Scariest moment: Missing the 500 point question, and waiting to hear the runner-up.

Other Highlights: Cory and Ryan stealing the banner; Shake a Hamster band giving shout-outs to Pull-Start Diesel on stage; and Hour 50 throwing us a curve ball with a 125 point question at the end.

Tom Jr. on...
Least Welcome Question: The 125 point Harrison Ford audio clip at the beginning of Hour 50. Don't the question writer's know by now that you don't mess with Premium Hour???

The "Bookender": Congratulations to Laura "Lu Lu" Scott for scoring the first points of the weekend from the St. Ben's library and then stopping by to celebrate hour 50 with us!

Best Trivia One-Liner Ever: To whoever blurted out "She's a witch!" at the awards ceremony, that was the funniest thing I've ever hear at trivia weekend... Maybe it was the extreme sleep deprivation but that just killed me.

Best Question of Trivia Weekend: Q. How do you start a Pull Start Diesel?
A. The better question is - once you start it, how do you stop a Pull Start Diesel!?!

GB on...
People We Called: I know I called the St Cloud Hospital Gift Store for the answer to who is the butler at the gift store. In humor they gave us three options to choose from and we did get the question correct. So I would have to give kudos to the gift store at the hospital.

Most memorable question: I really liked the math question with all the Rolling Stone clues.

Sara M. on...
The Most Awesome Host/Hostess: Tom and Sandy! We are forever grateful for the best headquarters ever! Where else would we be as well taken care of but at Mom & Dad’s? You know we couldn’t have won without you!

People We Called: I’ll be laughing about that Honeybee Books call for years! I loved Adam’s imitation of the man saying, “Is this the doctor? Oh, you sound just like my doctor.” And then “I remember that book from my youth.” And I thought it would be a dead end call after that opening line J That just goes to show you… respect your elders!

Greatest Memory: KARE 11 News! It was so much fun to talk with Boyd Huppert and the camera guys from KARE 11. They were all so great! And they gave us lots of inside info about the other teams and how they were handling being in 2nd and 3rd place and whether or not anyone likely got the 500-point question. It was a good year to be on top or we wouldn’t have had the experience!

Fun Phonebank Workers: Huh? had to have had the best name ever! We were glad that the trivia gods agreed with us! The Only Jew came in a close second and is also a really sweet person – I met her at the Electric Fetus, where she works, when I went in to buy the Hamsters CD. And who could forget the always abrasive Spike - he gave us lots of points so he must’ve put in some long hours.

Memories: Waking Murphy for KVSC audio trivia hour. It was a good thing we did! Getting crabby at people for having too many phones calling KVSC at once or not enough phones… Watching our awesome team work together. Thinking about it now gets me all choked up!

Jon S. on...
People We Called: My friends I called for clues on the audio clips in Cantonese, German, and Hebrew. They couldn't hear the audio feed very well but they were trying hard.

That Question We Should Have Had: "I'm happy to be Obi Wan Kenobi" I was three minutes into Hardware Wars but stopped watching because I thought it would take too long. Little did I know that the song showed up a minute or two later. UUUGHHGHGH! I was so pissed. That would have been a big one.

Funny Challenges: I wasn't challenged to do it, but I managed not to shower or change clothes for 48 hours. I did brush my teeth though.

Jon’s List of Apologies (pretty much sums up the essence of trivia weekend):
I'd like to apologize for the following things:

1. Showing up two hours late for the beginning of the contest: It was the fastest I could get to Saint Cloud from Minneapolis after work on Friday.

2. Pointing, yelling, and grunting at people: I barely introduced myself to anyone, so even at Hour 45, I was still asking people their names or yelling "hey you". I especially apologize to Sara and Darren for this, I figure I should have at least known all the captain's names yet I kept just yelling and pointing. Please forgive me. Also, I'm going to wear a name tag next year so people can tell the Szafranskis apart.

3. Failing on the Monsters, Inc. question and Okie from Muskogee questions: I was so close to those. If it had been Hour 8 instead of Hour 48, I might have gotten them. I was ready to beat myself up for 363 days if it had made a difference. Thank God it didn't.

4. Sleeping during the Audio Trivia mash-up questions on Sunday morning: That's my kind of question and I'm mad I missed them.

5. And finally, getting so damn excited at the awards ceremony. Darren said it right, "act like you been there".

Anyway, I had a great time and I drank more soda in two days than I have for the past 5 years. My dentist will not be pleased.