2005 - TSI: Trivia Scene Investigation

Saturday, February 19th 2005

What a great year! We finally reached our goal of making the top 10! In fact, we over-achieved and finished in 6th place, only one place away from getting our team listed in the St. Cloud Times (a new goal for next year?)! We performed very consistently this year by remaining in 4th place for 29 straight hours. But those last few hours were tough. Congratulations to Feeling Comfortable on your top 10 finish! We have to admit that you had us feeling UNcomfortable for a while. Congrats also go out to The Order of Eggs Benedict on your award for Best New Team Name… too bad you weren’t at the awards ceremony. Those boos were harsh! We’re looking forward to next year’s contest which will again be the weekend after Superbowl, February 10-12, 2006!

Saturday, February 19th 2005

The BIG Question: 500 point cryptic murder mystery question. This had to have been the coolest 500 point question in trivia history. We had the right idea using past answers (1,9; 2,9; etc) and putting the letters in the anagram solver. We just didn’t see John Wilkes Booth! We’ll be kicking ourselves for at least 365 days until we get a shot at next year’s big point question. That would’ve put us in the newspaper for sure!
Biggest Question answered by one person: Jeff found the 250 point answer to the Hardy Boys cover art question from Visual Trivia #14 on the internet. But Big Tom gets an honorable mention for his detective work in finding the July 10th St. Cloud Times newspaper article about the popsicle artwork in VT#10 for 200 points!
Biggest Questions by TEAM effort: 160 points for answering the movie title and the actors in number order from VT#5.
Best internet searcher: Tom K. and Tommy tied for this title this year both finding 1025 points on the net. Those are huge contributions to our score!
Best DVD contribution: Darren – Way to get Shrek 2 from your department's Christmas gift exchange! It was worth 35 trivia points.
Most improved player: This title to goes to Jeff J. who more than doubled his points from previous years!
Best new player: Darrin, the Murphy’s cousin, ended up being our #3 top scorer for the weekend. Thanks to Aaron for inviting him to join us. Those no talent ass clowns must’ve missed you.
Best remote player: Andrea (Bob’s mom), thanks for calling us with the answer to the Tom Jones audio trivia question. We never would have gotten those points without you. And thanks for calling us back and letting us know who you were so we could give you credit.
Players who traveled the farthest: Luke's parents from Ames, Iowa. Thanks for coming and playing!
Biggest know-it-all: Tommy gets this award once again. It was a huge asset to the team to have him back on site again this year. The trivial information that he manages to pull out of his head definitely earned us several places in the standings!
Best guesser: Danielle earned our team 40 points through her wild guessing abilities! We’re glad you know your soap operas, Danielle.
Youngest player on the scoreboard: Little Josh, age 10, was the youngest player ever to make it into our team stats. We were lucky he was on site when they asked, “What animated pirate claims himself ‘the stickiest pirate ever to sail the suburbs’?”
Best phoner: Adam was always ready and willing to call stores and individuals for answers. His polite telephone manner helped us get answers like the 10th commandment for paint brush care from a brochure at the Home Depot in Minneapolis.
Best answer calling team: Big Tom and Danielle made an awesome call-in team! They were enthusiastic, level headed and accurate. We had a lot of great people on this job this year, which really helps to keep lost points to a minimum and eliminates “I Thought We Guessed That” syndrome.
Best on the dispute line: Tommy has always been good at arguing and it served us all well this year when we got the points for a math runaround question on a decimal technicality.
Best phone bank workers: The phone bank workers and the scoring team really kicked butt this year! We rarely had troubles with our score and this was the first time in years (if ever) that our final score matched our actual earnings! Whenever there was a problem, Chad and Princess Buttercup were easily able to clear it up. Great job, KVSC!
Work that database: Jerry once again gets kudos in this area. It was a great idea to add the “incompletes” to the screen.
Best network contribution: Big Tom, thanks for the internet upgrade! The Astound service was increased to 5 megs especially for trivia. Our net score shows the benefits!
Most sleep: This is a shared honor this year. We had a lot of good, healthy sleepers, which helped us sustain our momentum and maintain 10 or more people working trivia during all the a.m. hours.
Least sleep: Jerry had to have slept the least. He was getting pretty delirious by Sunday morning, so it was obvious that he hadn’t slept a bit!
Best team improvement: Our new team headquarters at the Lanz house was definitely a step up! We had never been able to break the top 10 at the McKeever house, so a big thank you goes out to them for opening their house for 50 hours of trivia (not to mention the setup and clean up time). They must have had fun, because they said we could use their house again next year if we don’t find yet another upgrade.
Best food contribution: Middle of the night and early morning snacks help keep the trivia machine fueled at all hours of the day. Thanks to Joe and Danielle for Burrito Hour, Poptart Hour, Valentine Surprise Hour and Mystery Muffin Hour.
Best host: Sandy takes the cake on this one. Thanks for having everything for the weekend so well thought out and maintaining order and hospitality the entire time. You definitely helped the team to thrive!

Memorable Moments
Saturday, February 19th 2005

*Our 20+ computer network! We had more computers than we had surface area to put them on. What an awesome team! Next year we’ll actually have to weed them out so we’re running all the best and the brightest.
*Joe winning many cases of pop and energy drink from UTVS by competing in all of their contests. Sorry you got beat doing that puzzle. We all learned an important lesson: Don’t try to do a puzzle on the carpet (at least not quickly).
*Murphy trying to get Bob’s luck to rub off on him.
*Napoleon Dynamite – the movie, the quoting, the impersonations (by KVSC personalities as well as Dylan, Joe and other PSD “personalities”).
*”Will you get Thomas (or insert another game) on the computer for me?” – Michael
*Our youngest member of Pull-Start Diesel, William, would have known a lot of the answers if only he could talk. Instead he cheered on the team with his sounds of a smoothly running trivia machine. “Rrrrr.”
*Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom, Adam, Adam, Adam, Aaron, Aaron, Ben, Ben, Darren, Darrin, Josh and Josh – We hope we got your score contributions right.
*Arguing with Bob about whether Andrea should be entered into the database as “Andrea” or “Bob’s mom.”
*Food, food and more fabulous food!
*Again we had some great guesses, like Sugar and Sweetie (the co-workers for Tug and Stretch) and the CB handle of the Guinness World Record Holder (High Miler?).
*The first ever appearance of an alcoholic beverage at PSD headquarters during Premium Hour, Hour 50! My little Mikey is all grows up!
*Sitting at the awards ceremony listening to two other teams get called with 13600 points before our team was called. We were on the edge of our seats!
*Submit your memorable moments by clicking on “Submit News” or sending an e-mail to info@pullstartdiesel.com.

Food Credits
Saturday, February 19th 2005

*Tommy- Spaghetti, Spinach & Artichoke dip
*Adam L – Smoothies
*Joe L – Burrito Hour, Poptart Hour, Mountain Dew and Energy Drink winnings
*Heidi – Candy, Lettuce, Burritos
*Danielle – Dip, Mini Pizzas, Mystery Muffins, Chocolate Hearts
*Laura S – Tuna Burgers
*Terri & Patty – Turkey Sandwiches, Hotdish, Chips, Meat & Cheese tray
*Murphy – Pizzas
*Sara M – French Toast, Green Onion Hotdish, Fruit Salad
*Josh H – Chocolate Malts, Clementines, Sloppy Joes, Veggies
*Mike’s Mom – Birthday Cake, Meat & Cheese tray with party buns
*Laura H – Barbeque sandwiches and chips
*Steve – Frito Lays chips
*Pam – Wine & Pina Coladas, Little Debbies
*George & Andrea – Krispy Kreme
*Tom K – Donut Holes
*Mesna – McD’s Double Cheeseburgers
*and the list could go on. Sorry if we forgot to mention you, just know that we really appreciate all of the contributions made to our menu this year. We ate like royalty!


TEAM 3885
Tommy 1290
Tom K 1165
Chuck 645
Murphy 625
Jeff 485
Luke 465
John N 445
Jennie 435
Josh 355
Sara 340
Bob 290
Joe 255
Big Tom 235
Danielle 220
Jerry 205
Little Ben 200
Paul 190
Dylan 170
Kudak 135
Mike 120
Adam 120
Michelle 115
Cory 110
CJ 95
Aaron 95
Plante 65
Darren 65
Ben 55
Stef 55
Chris 50
Tom H 45
Sandy 40
Andrea 30
Ryan 30
Steve 30
Little Josh 15
Loren 15
Sam 10

Quick Update
Wednesday, February 16th 2005

The final results are in and the TSI Recap is in the process of being written, but for those of you still in suspense, we finished 6th this year with 13695 points. More about this year's trivia contest can be found at www.kvsctrivia.org. Check back here later this week for the full trivia recap.

Reserve February 10-12, 2006 for the next trivia weekend!