2017 Trivia Storm: 50 Hours of Torrential Trivia

Kudos to all members of Pull-start Diesel for a well-played game. It's always a blast hanging out with you for the weekend and I'm consistently amazed by the information we can find when we work together. Fighting our way to a sixth place finish was an awesome accomplishment this year. Our numbers were down yet again, especially at the 5:00 start time and in the early mornings. We had to fight our way back from an early 400 point deficit and 17th place ranking in hour 4. We persevered, pulling into a solid 7th place against some really tough teams. We knew we did pretty well in blackout (as it turned out, hour 37 was the hour that shook things up), but the 6th place announcement during the award ceremony was an awesome surprise! Way to go PSD!

Team 2155
Tom K 1070
Danielle 1030
Murphy 880
Brian H 745
Jon S 715
Aubree 700
Cheez 565
Jake 385
Mike S 345
Scharf 330
Sara 285
Joe 210
Adam 200
turn-N-burn 190
barry 185
Paul S 180
Jerry 135
Bob 130
Jeff 110
Jodi 105
Alex B 95
Burrow 90
Ben 85
Casey 80
Ray 70
Tommy 55
Mikey 50
mikalen 45
Jennie 40
rodkimble 35
Luke H 25
Michael R 25
Jim 20
Danny 20
Dani 20
Kaitie 15