2006 - Trivia on the High Seas

Sunday, April 30th 2006

Congrats to everyone who made it out to trivia and those who joined us online, from Thailand to Stevens Point, WI. We reached our goal this year by finishing 4th place, an improvement over our 6th place finish last year. By finishing in the top five, we earned an honorable mention from KVSC and recognition in the St. Cloud Times. Way to go team!

We will be updating the website in the next couple of days with all the new info about this year's contest. We need your help! Please send us pictures to include in the photo album and take a few minutes to reply to the following survey:

1. How many hours of trivia did you play?
2. How many hours of sleep did you get over the course of the weekend?
3. What was the most fun trivia fun moment? (feel free to have more than one)
4. What was your least favorite trivia memory?
5. Is there a question (worth less than 500 points) that stands out to you?
6. Are there any shout outs we should be sure to include on the website?

Thanks to everyone who participated. We had the most fun yet! Can't wait until next year? You may not have to. Watch the website for more details about what we're doing for the Stevens Point contest April 7-9th. But be sure not to miss next year's KVSC weekend, Feb. 9-11th, 2007, when we break the top 3!

Sara, speaking for PSD

Wednesday, February 15th 2006

Heaviest Treasure Chest Award: Adam and Tommy tied for getting 125 point questions all on their own. Adam patiently waited for a Pope County History book to download so he could see if the first teacher’s name was to be found. Tom dug around on the web to find out that Shirley Pifco has had trouble concentrating since Buddy Ebsen died.
Greatest TEAM Discovery on the Seven Seas: "Ahoy! Thar she be, the John Mitchell - put a cannon ball through her magazine!" Twenty gold dubloons to everyone for capturing this elusive 500-point treasure.
Poop Deck Swabbing Award: Sandy Lanz for keeping headquarters neat and tidy and for keeping garbage down to a minimum. She even had to swab a bathroom or two during the weekend. Now that’s dedication to trivia!
Old Man and the High Seas Award: Big Tom for staying up with us from Saturday morning until Sunday afternoon. And for his willingness to call the phone bank and guess anything – even Gary Zimmerman!
Shot Across their Bow Award for Best Phone Bank "Harassment": Lauren Ament for striking out with every female phone bank worker for the last 5 hours. Happy Valentine's Lauren!
"Yaaarrrrrr!" Award for the Most Enthusiastic Pirate Noises: Michael Lanz for stoking our pirate enthusiasm during hour 50.
"Here, take my lifeboat" Award: Krisie Melsen for her generous donation of ClearWire internet which kept our team afloat after numerous crashes. Next year we'll have to have a better net-work.... get it, net? Yaaaarrrrrrrr!
Best "Greenhorn" on the Team Award: While not new to Trivia, Alex was new to our team and was a great addition - thanks for joining us and hope to see you again next year matey!
Never Stop Pounding Your War Drum Award: To Sara for cracking the whip for all but 4 hours of trivia to always keep those team oars a'rowin and the answer a'flowin. Jerry, Tommy & Joe get honorable mentions here as well for going strong on 5 hours sleep.
The Pillage Award: This one goes to Adam for ransacking a liquor store and bringing us a case of their "gold" for Premium Hour!
Captain Jack Sparrow Award: To DK and Andy for their tough reputation on the Foosball circuit, scaring off the only team to accept our late Saturday night challenge.
The Lighthouse Award: To Darren for keeping us on course with his fine database work and signaling us with his foghorn of a whistle when the rough sea of chatter threatened to sink a new question.
Treasure of Captain Kidd Award for Most Points Earned: Tommy Lanz for breaking the 1000 point mark and making, by far, the greatest contribution to our team’s score. Thanks for not abandoning ship in favor of broomball, or Frisbee, or even much in the way of sleep.
Jewel in the Oyster Award: For the best phone bank worker goes to Hi-Seas Fruit Punch. There were some sketchy “incompletes” and incorrect “wrongs” thrown out by careless phone bank workers, but talking to Hi-Seas (which happened often – she must’ve put in a long weekend) was always a pleasure.
The Captain Hook Award: For his willingness to argue for well-deserved points, this award again goes to Tommy. We know who to turn to when Seasons 3 & 4 of Bewitched isn’t considered the same as the 1966 and 1967 seasons.
The Titanic Award: This one has to go to Feelin' Comfortable... they talk a big game before they set sail, but every year they seem to find that one iceberg. Better luck next year guys.
Tribute to Those Lost at Sea: There were several crew members who were sorely missed this year including Tom Kain, Josh Hengemuele, and Luke Heely just to mention a few. One of these years our entire team will be intact and all the other teams had better watch out!
Lost on a Deserted Island Award: Ryce played a good game from Bangkok, Thailand. It takes serious devotion to play for that long from thousands of miles away - you earned every point you picked up, Ryce. Finishing a close second in this category was Joe, who always seems to be on his own private island. Monster Trucks Rule!
Yo, Ho, Ho and a Bottle of Rum Award: To all those who joined us for the weekend, thanks for helping to make this another great year! While your name may not appear elsewhere, you still deserve a cut of the booty for adding to the team. Thanks to: Steve & Katie, Wayne & Claudia, Mark & Sue, Tim, Suzanne, Murphy's friends, Amanda, Ron & Barb, Laura, Terri & Patty and anyone we may have missed.

Memorable Moments
Wednesday, February 15th 2006

*Great Questions: Stark Raving Mad question, that excellent Cyborg and Garfunkle song, “five o’clock, six o’clock, seven o’clock…,” Video Game Speed Round in general, and then there was that tough 40-point audio speed round.
*Awesome Answers: Danielle’s cooperating teacher found the answer to the Dr Seuss question, Jenny’s sister looking up the People mag at the CSB library, Big Tom guessing “Seamus O’Malley, Come On Down!”
*Those Narrow Misses when they won’t accept your answer even though the question hasn’t really closed or when, upon hearing the answer, remember having seen it. Ugh!
*Tom Kain checking in from Okinawa and his pleasure at being told that it took a whole team of Wisconsinites to replace the vacancy he left in our crew.
*The Search for the S.S. Doogie: Our short lived but enthusiastic quest to track down Neil Patrick Harris. You're a craft pirate Doogie, we've gotta give you that. But watch out, if we catch you, you'll be walkin' the plank for sure!
*All the answers that popped up on the IM to get us huge points and left us shaking our heads in wonder. Murphy talking to Curt Carstensen at UTVS who looked up the answer for question number one – Thanks, man!
*"Oh, thaaat treasure! Yeah, it's been on the ship the whole time.” Let's not worry about checking OUR bird book when we get the visual trivia... Well, not a bad last resort.
*Oft heard on board the trivia ship: Real men of genius, are you online?, turn it up, can we hear that again, this is team #15 for question #, can I get a partial?, what are you doing for valentine’s day?, knucks, aye aye captain, Arrrrr!
*Crew Morale Hours: Hengemuele Malts Hour, Burrito hour, Pop tart hour, Mystery Muffin Hour, Smoothie Hour & of course, Premium Hour Talking to Brent on the internet phone. Without Cory, Murf, Danielle, Loren, and Jonas putting up with his prodding, he claims he wouldn’t have been any help. Who needs books? We only got 70 points out of our books this year. As long as you’ve got the internet, phones and brains, having books on-site is really overrated.
*Signs That Your Ship’s Arrrrr-rived: You can no longer say “we were so close to getting that 500 pt question,” Computers were often sitting vacant because there are no open questions, You don’t need to ban video game sites on your network, You start brainstorming ideas for what you’ll say when you’re called up on stage, Random people start asking to play on your team, You read your team name in the newspaper on Monday, You consider playing other trivia weekends around the country because 50 hours of trivia per year just doesn’t cut it anymore.


TEAM 4710
Tommy 1130
Alex 740
Don 660
Murphy 655
Sara 545
Jennie 430
Barry 410
Jerry 365
Joe 365
Bees 355
Cory 340
Chuck 325
Ryce 280
Jeff 270
Danielle 225
Bob 215
Mike 195
Ben 190
Adam 190
Big Tom 130
Darren 125
Andy 100
Loren 95
Dylan 85
Naz 80
Dan 75
Waba 70
Amy 60
Danielle's Dad 50
Laura 40
Mikey 20
Sam 20
Burns 20
Michelle 15
Stef 10
CJ 10

It's Trivia Time Again
Tuesday, January 31st 2006

We're preparing to cast off for Trivia on the High Seas and are hoping you're all aboard! The weekend is February 10-12th. The ship departs from the Lanz residence at 5:00pm on Friday, returning to port at 7:00pm on Sunday. Check out our FAQ for more information on what you can do to help make this our best year yet!

We need lots of help in the way of technological support, rations, and crew. So please let us know ASAP if you are bringing:
computers or networking equipment and when it can be there (the earlier in the day the better)
food of any sort so we can be sure to cover all the bases
yourself or any other minds so we can make sure we've got a top-notch crew through the very end!
We appreciate the advance knowledge as it is very helpful in planning. E-mail info@pullstartdiesel.com with your contribution.

We are ordering NEW TEAM SHIRTS!!!! We need to put in the order for the shirts to be done by trivia weekend, so don't wait another second! E-mail your size and preference of long or short-sleeved tee ASAP!

Don't forget to do your digging for visual trivia. We've had a few great finds, but could use a lot more. E-mail info@pullstartdiesel.com if you need access to the visuals.

Thanks and we hope to see you at the dock!