2004 - Trivia Hotdish

Monday, February 9th 2004

This year our team finished 14th out of the 71 teams in the 50-hour contest ending with a total score of 10600. We scored 50% of the total points. We were excited about the challenging questions this year. They really made our team work in creative ways to earn our points. Another big creativity booster was our addition of a firewall to block all the addicting game sites. We were really hoping to beat our arch rivals, Feelin’ Comfortable this year, but that was not officially to come to pass. But we know that we beat them by 15 points. Due to a scoring glitch in the last hours, the 30 points given to our team by the question dispute line in hour 48 was never added to our score. Darn those Huns!

Thanks to everyone who contributed to another great year of trivia. We hope you all come back next year so we can finally break the top 10! Trivia weekend will be the weekend after Superbowl, February 11-13th.
We’ll see you in 2005!

Your Pull-Start Diesel Captains
Sara and Darren McKeever
Tom, Adam & Joe Lanz

Monday, February 9th 2004

TEAM 3855
Tom K 1240
Murphy 560
Josh 550
Bob 415
Ben 295
Adam 280
John 255
Jennie 250
Danielle 245
Loren 225
Laura 200
Tommy 195
Joe 190
Mike 190
Sara 190
Cory 180
Tonya 160 Big Tom 120
Jerry 120
Jeff 110
Darren 100
Brian 85
Casey 80
Chris T 80
Jessicah 75
Courtney 60
Kooch 50
Jim 45
Sandy 40
Artie 35
Danielle's dad 35
Tom H 30
Mike Lahr 25
Pam 20
Mesna 15 (see also Jessicah)

net 6930
pulled 2645
phone 650 (200 from libraries)
guess 115
book 80
magazine 50
game 40
multiple 40
movie 30
calculator 20

Monday, February 9th 2004

Biggest Question: 500 point math runaround question about the Ole and Sven and their VOID Lottery Tickets. Joe and Jerry worked especially hard trying to come up with the answer. If only we would’ve guessed 88.1 KVSC ($881 & $5872) we would’ve been 500 points richer.
Biggest Question answered by one person: 150 points by Laura who had did some creative internet searching. Without the name of the woman in visual trivia #8, we wouldn’t have been able to find where she worked, so we credit 150 points to Laura!
Biggest Questions by TEAM effort: For 150 trivia points: Rolling stone Magazine featured the top 100 guitarists. List the top 10 as picked by Buddy Guy. (buddy was #30 on the list) names as given in mag.
Fastest internet searcher: Tom Kain – he really pounded out the 20 and 30 point questions and got us into the answer line quickly. He also racked up the most points for our team by having such quick and tireless internet searching capabilities.
Best book contribution: Laura Honkomp – the Oddball Minnesota: A Guide to Some Really Strange Places came in most useful, especially in Hour 50!
Most improved player: Ben, you rock!
Best remote player: Tommy from New York! Next year, when you’re back in Minnesota, we’ll storm the top 10!
Biggest know-it-all: Tommy earned the team 75 points off the top of his head. What is the name of the Chinese mutton stew in the chapter entitled "Xmas in China"? All that time spent in China really pays off sometimes!
Best guesser: Murphy guessed the family heirloom that survived the S. Illinois fire all because of Rubbermaid totes (according to the advertisement) for 50 trivia points!
Best phoner: Loren Ament – “Give me a number! I’ll call!” was probably the most frequently heard phrase from Loren during the weekend.
Best on the dispute line: Josh had a way with the folks at the dispute line. His telephone manner had them eating out of his hand.
Best phone bank worker: Wild Child gave our team the most points with a total of 455 points and was most kind on the big questions giving us both a 100 and a 150 point question!
Work that database: Jerry’s quick fingers make him a wiz on the database!
Best network contribution: Cory Storms brought along the webcam this year! That made it a lot of fun for remote players to play along. They could really feel a part of things.
Best answers: “Can we get a partial on blue? How about red? How about your phone number?” –Josh
Worst answer: Rick Springfield – he didn’t come up at all this year, but we had to try!
Most sleep: John “Mike, you can bring your friends over to sleep here anytime.” - Darren
Least sleep: We must all be getting old (which means eventually we’ll be able to win!) because none of us are trying to stay up all weekend anymore. But Darren slept only a few hours each night, so we’ll have to give him the award this year.
Best team improvement: The firewall that blocked www.addictinggames.com! An honorable mention also goes to the virtual network that allowed Tommy and other remote players to view our database in real time!
Best food contribution: Snacks brought by Terri and Patti Storms when we were all hungry and working hard in the early hours of the game!
Best host: Sandy Lanz who cleaned up the kitchen on her visits to trivia headquarters. At the end of hour 50, the counters shined!

Memorable Moments
Monday, February 9th 2004

*Speed rounds! Our team really comes to life during speed rounds! TV Guide Movie speed round, Audio speed round, etc.
*Loren’s many attempts to get information out of people over the phone. He talked to Sylvia Jaffe- and actress from MASH, another actress who didn’t want to admit that she’d played a catheter consultant in “A Mighty Wind,” and of course, we don’t want to forget that candy store owner who refused to sell us anything – some business he’s running!
*Pop Tart Hour! Or Pop Tart 10 minutes since Joe fell asleep.
*Mystery Muffin Hour! Danielle’s new theme hour left us all wondering what we’d discover in our muffin. Would it be a nut or a jelly belly?
*The many opportunities to call or IM Feelin’ Comfortable to taunt them and the final opportunity handed to us at the awards ceremony when they received the award for the biggest Whiners from the folks at the dispute line!
*Listening to the St. Ben’s librarian turn the pages of Rolling Stone Magazine.
*”Dylan, what’s your phone number?!?!”
*Michael singing the ABCs for UTVS and then offering to sing “Twinkle, Twinkle.”
*Our team spot that aired on UTVS. Darren, Sara, Joe and Chris Tacl.
*Cory purchasing $300 worth of electronics just for trivia.
*Trivia team members can register for the Forums (a password protected message board) by e-mailing Darren or info@pullstartdiesel.com to get added to the list of accepted members. Then we can rehash trivia all year long and make plans for next year.

Food Credits
Monday, February 9th 2004

Tom and Sandy Lanz - pocket breads for dinner Friday night & throughout trivia
Storms - snacks, fruit, hotdish, delicious pizza . . . . .
Laura Honkomp – meat & “Cheese Tray” (new Hamster Band song) & buns
Barb McKeever and Ron - taco soup Saturday and egg bake and MUFFINS on Sunday
Josh’s mom – malts
Chris Tackle’s mom - chocolate chip cookies
Laura Sandstrom – burritos, donuts, & candy
Pam Weber – soft pretzels, brats & buns
Murphy – frozen pizzas

And much, much more! We were in excellent shape for food this year! Everyone really contributed their fair share and then some. It is great that our team takes such good care of each other!

PSD to be Featured on UTVS
Friday, December 26th 2003

Pull-start Diesel will be featured on UTVS, SCSU's TV station, trivia weekend. Jill and Beth, members from UTVS, set up their camera at trivia headquarters to interview our team. On hand were Joe, Sara, Darren, and Chris T.

Make sure you have your TIVO ready to record. They will be letting us know which hour our 2 minute segment will run. UTVS will be covering trivia again this year. www.UTVS.com

Theme Announced
Tuesday, August 5th 2003

Trivia 2004 will take place February 6-8th. And the theme is...

Trivia Hotdish: From the Land of 10,000 Questions

So brush up on your Minnesota trivia!

Check out www.kvsc.org for more details.