2001 - Night of the Living Trivia

Wednesday, February 7th 2001

We are excited to announce that Pull-start Diesel took 18th out of 69 teams this year. That is up 8 places from last year. We broke the top 20! And that's with 11 more teams to compete against! Our point total was 10330. This time KVSC did a great job of giving us the points we deserved. The captains were thrilled with the team's consistency this year. We managed to earn an average of 60% of all points throughout the whole weekend. There were a few slow hours, but to make up for it we had 4 hours when we swept 100% of the questions! Way to go team!

Thanks to Terry and Patti Storms for all the food, especially the Papa Murphy's pizza.
Thanks to Jan Crimando for the pasta, salad and garlic bread on Saturday night!
Thanks to Barb McKeever for the delicious egg bake and the muffins and Sunday morning!
A big thank you to Sandy Lanz for Adam's birthday dinner on Friday night!
Thanks also to everyone who brought or lent books. Not all answers are on the internet.
Thanks to everyone who let us wake them up and call them at work to get answers. And to those who knew who to call!
Thanks to everyone who "fed the pig" (donated a few dollars to the team). We should be able to cover our long distance bill.
THANK YOU, THANK YOU to people who let us use their cell phones. We credit breaking the top 20 to you.
Thanks to everyone who came out, especially those who stuck it out during the overnights. We had a most excellent team this year and hope that each one of you comes again next year. Mark your calendars for the first weekend in February. We're going to break the top 10! :)

We hope to see you all again soon, if not, until the first weekend in February...
So long!
The Pull-Start Diesel Captains

Wednesday, February 7th 2001

Adam: 215
Amanda: 40
Ben: 80
Cory: 545
Darren: 75
Dylan: 45
Jeff F: 845
Joe: 330
Josh: 290
KVSC: 185
Linda: 45
Loren: 110
Mike O: 30
Mike S: 125
Murphy: 380
Not Darren: 85 (Don't doubt Herman Munster)
Patti: 35
Brent P: 720
Sara I: 75
Sara M: 1330
Brent K: 465
Steve: 85
TEAM: 1700 (What an awesome TEAM! Last year the TEAM only got 445.)
Teresa: 260
Tom: 110
Tom K: 80
Tom L: 1585
Tonya: 250

Memorable Moments
Wednesday, February 7th 2001

*The challenge to our team by Pink and the 47 Club to take a shower. Later we realized the significance of this challenge when we found our shower curtain missing.
*The retaliation by Tom L, Joe, and Cory who brought buckets of water to Pink and the 47 Club's headquarters to freeze their captain's car doors shut.
*The reappearance of our shower curtain on the front lawn with a dead fish wrapped in it. Supposedly it had something to do with the Godfather.
*The reappearance of the dead fish at the awards ceremony presented to the losing team, Pink and the 47 club, who took 34th (did they really have 7 computers surfing the internet?) in honor of the team "Here's a Fish, You're Stupid."
* Cory Storms trying to remember how to spell his name and how to call home... time to go to sleep Cory.
*Aaron Murphy listing off the names of old game shows during the audio trivia. Who ever watches Card Sharks? Good thing you watch so much of the Game Show Network, Murph, that was 75 points.
*Al Knapf playing the wrong song for the audio trivia question "What band plays this song?" in hour 50 for 100 points. Here's the quote: "Hold on folks, hold on folks, I just realized that we have a problem here. This, that was the wrong song. This is the song that you want to record. Very, very sorry for that. Kinda hectic here in the studio. This is the song that you want to record by the Art Woods, Dow… "Oh My God, I can't believe that. I just gave the answer away. I can't, I can't... go on now. We're gonna have to, we're gonna have to do away with that questions." Later they did revive the question asking the name of the album the song was on. We got the points.
*Those total guesses: "Anna Karenina" "Matilda"
*Tom's amazing Olympic answer that he pulled out just under the wire. Read your answer again. I think you got it all but I'm not sure.
*Adam & Joe's call to the world rodeo champion in Lenapah, OK only to find out that "he's in bed," from a female in her Okie drawl.
*All the fun web surfing during the times when we had all the questions answered (which was often because we rock) like Stick Death, AdCritic, Shockwave, and Wesley Willis.
*"Reply to all" with your memorable moments and add to the trivia nostalgia.

Wednesday, February 7th 2001

Biggest Question: 400 points which we didn't get. We were only 5 movies away from the answer to this audio trivia asking the names of the 22 horror movies in the sound clips. We worked like a machine! It was awesome!
Biggest Question answered by one person: 150 points "In the Nick Park movie, 'Not Without My Handbag', what happened to the undersigned on nonpayment of contract?" Sara M. was so tired after staying awake for nearly 48 hours that she didn't even realize what she'd just done. Incidentally, the woman was "sent to hell without further notice."
Biggest Question by TEAM effort: 150 points What was the name of the movie that included the list of rules in Visual #2, the school and the headmistress that swore by them." Sak guessed the movie Matilda and the rest is internet history.
Best internet searcher: This was a tight race between Ryce, Jeff F., Sara M., and Tom L. but the biggest scorer was Sara.
Best book searcher: Laura Honkomp Thanks for getting up at 2:30 am to sneak into your son's room and page through Anamalia for 85 points! An honorable mention goes to Denise Honkomp for looking through Harry Potter at 12:30 am. It's a BIG book!
Biggest know-it-all: Tom Lanz's brain definitely holds the most facts of anyone on the team. We also have to mention that Cathedral High School does an excellent job of filling its senior class with information. The combined efforts of this large portion of our team produced a lot of points!
Best guesser: This was a tie between Adam with the book Anna Karenina and Sak with roller-skates and the movie Matilda.
Best phoner: Joe "The Phone Guy" Lanz He must have called in the most points.
Best on the points dispute line: Steve "I should know I studied in Italy" Donatelle
Work that database: Our best database crunchers were Josh, an accurate and dedicated key puncher, and Adam and Darren, who set up some nice charts and formulas for us to track our progress.
Worst question: How many strings on a six string guitar? You do not need to spell it. You only need to say the word six. This is worth 10 trivia points.
Best answer: Rick Springfield We guessed him for almost every question, except when he actually was the answer. You won't beat us next year, Rick Springfield!
Worst answers: What was the most popular accessory to the 1964 John Deere lawn tractor? cup holder, seat cushion, engine cover, lights, reverse, transmission, the only thing we didn't try was a furry steering wheel cover, or the correct answer.
Most sleep: Adam Lanz who slept almost half of the contest. Where's Adam? In the spare bedroom.
Least sleep: Sara McKeever with a grand total of 4 hours all weekend.
Best meal: Sandy & Tom Lanz, Sr. for the pocket breads. The leftovers lasted almost the whole weekend and made great meals between meals! Nominated for co-captain next year: Teresa Imholte You're the best! You're always pitching in with food, cash, clean-up, books and anything that needs to get done.
Best host: Once again this award goes to Darren. Our headquarters was most excellent. Thanks goes out for all the hard work he did in the basement. We had two bathrooms this year, which came in especially handy when Pink and the 47 Club stole our upstairs shower curtain.