2000 - T2KAOS: Trivia 2000

Monday, February 7th 2000

Big Tom: 115
Brian: 15
Chris: 20
Cory: 360
Darren: 450
Grandma: 35
Jan: 60
Jeff: 190
Jim: 30
Joe: 295
Kathy: 30
KVSC: 345
Sandy: 100
Pete: 90
Sara: 870
Sara I: 185
Sara P: 140
TEAM: 445
Theresa: 295
Tom I: 155
Tom L: 2105
Tonya: 350
Adam: 15?

Monday, February 7th 2000

Biggest Question: 200 points (MN US senators - Thanks Sara P for the book that got us the answer!)
Biggest Question by TEAM: 150 points (Robocop audio… took a lot of minds and computers to come up with that one!)
Biggest Question by single person: 125 points by Sara I (what's the straight of messinga???)
Best internet searcher: we had a lot of great ones, but Tom L definitely earned the most net points
Best book searcher: Theresa Imholte, what else can we say?
Biggest know-it-all: Joe Lanz, keep watching TV and playing video games
Most enthusiasm: Tonya Sand, we know you would've been here longer if it were entirely up to you
Lost most points for the team: Adam L... those tricky toes...
Best host: Darren, thanks for the clean-up work, the computer network and for contracting out great meals

Monday, February 7th 2000

We placed 26th out of 58 teams.
Thanks to all of the excellent cooks who fueled our brains and our keyboard fingers for the weekend.
Thanks also to everyone who brought books. Not all answers are on the internet.
Thanks to everyone who played from satellite locations and IMed us their answers. We hope to make even better use of you next year.
Thanks to everyone who "fed the pig." We should be able to cover our long distance bill. Too bad we didn't find that confetti guy's number.
Thanks to everyone who came out, especially those who stuck it out during the overnights.
And the biggest thank you goes out to the hamster dance website. And the fish dance, and the jesus dance and the cow dance.

We hope to see you all again soon, if not, until next February...

So long!

The T2KAOS Captains